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My name is Varonica R. Cooper and I’m running to be your next Memphis City Court Judge in Division 2.


City Court deals with violations of ordinances (city laws)such the drag racing violations that have plagued our city. This is a Special Election which takes place on our November ballot in along with our Governors race and 4 proposals for Constitutional amendment changes.

As a practicing attorney seeking a judgeship, it’s important for me to not only ask for your vote but also to assist in educating about what’s on the ballot. Many may not be aware but under certain circumstances Slavery is still legal and that issue is on this Ballot.


In summary, the Constitutional Amendments include: 

Amendment 1, enshrining the right to work. Those in favor of right to work would vote yes. Those who are union strong would vote no.

Amendment 2, deals with the process in which a temporary transfer of power occurs should the Governor become unable to fulfill his duties. 


Amendment 3, works to officially prohibit slavery.


Last but not least, Amendment 4 regards the deletion of a specific article and section that prohibits ministers and priests from holding office in the Tennessee legislature.

I highly encourage you to vote the entire ballot starting with Governor, including the Constitutional Amendments, and making sure not to skip over my name, Varonica Cooper for Memphis City Court Judge, Division 2.


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